Steward Morris

Philosophy & Values

Through learning, inspire all to make a difference


In defining our Core Purpose we have distilled many ideas, feelings and voices that make up our international community. Through learning captures our endeavour to encourage lifelong learning in everything we do and remain curious and motivated by the world we live in. To inspire all to make a difference expresses our collective desire to see and enable achievement as a personal goal. It embodies our drive to enrich and contribute positively to the people around us both near and far.


  • Honesty and integrity
  • Upholding our principles at all costs and at all times
  • Continually improving and never becoming complacent
  • Quality before profit
  • Making a difference
  • Recognising and rewarding efficiency, loyalty and commitment

A’s Steward Morris School Philosophy and Objectives

A’s Steward Morris School promotes a high standard of scholarship, responsibility, and citizenship in a supportive community. We implement a student-centred approach to instruction following an inquiry-based and interdisciplinary curriculum. The success of our community relies upon the teamwork, motivation, and collaboration of students, teachers, staff, and parents.

Our goal is to encourage critical thinkers, responsible global citizens, and students who are prepared to achieve the highest standards, both in their subsequent education and throughout their careers.

We believe that

  • all students can learn, and each is a unique individual with equal potential to make a positive contribution to our school community
  • it is important to instill an enthusiasm for lifelong learning in each student along with the skills necessary to prepare for the challenges and changes which will be faced in their future
  • our students must develop the skills and understanding that will enable them to become responsible, contributing citizens of the global community
  • physical activity, and well-informed decision-making are important for a healthy lifestyle
  • self-expression is enhanced through the development of aesthetic appreciation.

We support our philosophy through

  • high standards of achievement and performance
  • a developmental, student-centred approach to teaching
  • a comprehensive and varied curriculum aimed at understanding
  • a constructivist approach to learning and understanding through the development of critical and creative thinking skills
  • the development of independent learning skills and self-reflection in the learning process
  • constructive feedback for learning
  • nurturing a strong sense of self-esteem, personal integrity, and a respectful, caring attitude towards others
  • facing problems within a framework of fairness and shared values
  • nurturing a sense of responsibility for our environment
  • encouraging participation in fine arts through a variety of fine arts opportunities
  • teaching the principles associated with healthy living, and encouraging participation in physical activity.