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Outdoor Education/Travel


Educational Tours

At A's Steward Morris School, educational tours are designed to bringing elements of the curriculum to life, giving students first-hand experience of how their knowledge can be linked to the world in which they live. During the school year, students travel to many locations to deepen their curricular understanding or develop their extra-curricular interests.

Connecting to nature

The Outdoor Education programme allows students to disconnect from the distractions of technology and reconnect with nature. It provides an avenue for them to explore the natural environment in a safe setting, learn from mistakes and develop perseverance. The awareness of the environment they develop also supports the School's commitment to sustainability.

A's Steward Morris

Self discovery

Students begin to see one another in a different light as strengths not visible in the classroom arise. Communication and collaboration skills improve as students work together to complete essential tasks such as setting up camp or preparing a meal. All activities are designed to draw from students a greater range of skills and talents than they knew they possessed.


Students are often surprised to find within themselves the determination, adaptability and teamwork needed to rise to the challenges these adventures present. Achievements in outdoor education are recorded through student reflections and demonstrated in the character, skills, qualities and maturity that students develop and apply across all aspects of the learning programme and in their lives.