Steward Morris

Life Skills & Creative Arts

A's Steward Morris

Every child has the innate ability to be creative. It is extremely important to recognize and nurture such skills in a child. At A’S Steward Morris School, we aim to hone such skills. We intend to integrate them with academics, to make them meaningful, appropriate and activity oriented.
Contemporary Music, Dance and Drama are a part of the Creative and Fine Art Skills training in the curriculum to mould the child’s artistic temperament.
Painting, Drawing, Sketching, Paper craft and clay modeling and other forms of art which give a creative expression to abstract ideas also find equal priority with academics.

The participation in the performing arts, visual arts and music has a valuable experience that broadens students understanding and appreciation of the world around them. It is also well known and widely recognized that the arts contribute significantly to childrens intellectual and physical development. It also leads to the whole brain development in a child. (because through arts both the right as well as the left brain is equally used and developed) We have enough scientific evidence that proves-education in the arts should be nourished and cultivated in our children as it makes better math and science students, It also enhances spatial intelligence in newborns.

We Focus on At Physical level:

The values of hard work, health, strength and stamina and discipline.

At Emotional level:

The values of courage, confidence, love and care.

At Intellectual level:

The values of clarity, rationality, sobriety and impartiality.

At Moral Level:

The values of honesty, sincerity, fairness and justice.

At Social Level:

The values of kindness, politeness and comradeship.