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Fitness & Sports

Fitness & Sports

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Our school has a very proud sporting tradition. One of our core beliefs is that children should be active learners, and a key part of that is being involved with sport. Children are able to participate in a wide range of summer and winter sporting codes.

Our extra-curricular sports offerings play an important role in the school life of each SMS student, seeking to inculcate values of self-confidence, discipline, and teamwork which can be applied both back to a classroom setting and into later life.

Many sporting activities happen around our school, both during the day, during break times, and after school. We are fortunate to have large number of parents who are actively involved in helping to coach and manage sport teams.

Competitive Sports Program

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A's Steward Morris School offers a full sports program for students, taking advantage of inter-school competitive sports. Our school philosophy includes a commitment to physical health which we support through the curriculum, competitive sports and our Fitness & Sports Program.

Although our Talented Sports Program provides a unique opportunity for students with a special aptitude for sporting activities, the school and its traditional curriculum remains open to all students in the local drawing area and others on application.

Above all, we want sport at our School to be fun for everyone and our extremely high level of student involvement would suggest that we are successful in achieving this aim!