Steward Morris


What is the USP of A's Steward Morris School ?


  • We provide an exclusive Leadership Curriculum as part of the Academic Program
  • We provide chess training as part of regular curriculum.
  • Our USP is built on our Teachers. We recruit only the best of professionally qualified Teachers.
  • The school will focus on different teaching strategies to meet the needs of students individually. This will be done taking into consideration the different learning abilities, learning styles and intelligences of students.
  • Campus: Irans branch is spread in 5.3 bighas with a constructed area more than 60000 sq.ft. for spacious class rooms & other facilities & remaining area is stuffed with lush green playgrounds for all sporting and other Extra-Curricular activities, the property belongs to the school management and the school has been raised with a long term vision in place.
What are the values that the school stands for ?

Our Core Values/ Guiding Principles


  • We believe in maintaining integrity of action Leadership inspiration
  • Creativity to inspire
  • A will to inspire positive change in the environment
  • Respect and treat everyone with the highest degree of dignity and trust.
  • Try to achieve Excellence in all endeavors
How does A’s Steward Morris School provide Whole education with academic excellence ?

The focus is to provide a more learning-centric, interactive and participative pedagogy with stress on constructivist, enquiry and skill based learning.

The curriculum will de-emphasise rote learning and promote thinking skills, analytical skills and communication skills to develop right and objective perspectives facilitating independent judgment.

Thus A's Steward Morris School is different from the competitors.

What is the procedure for admissions ?
  • Parent comes and meets the Front desk Executive.
  • Fills up the Enquiry Form
  • Meets and talks to the Admission Counsellor
  • Visits the Facility
  • Meets up Faculty ( if so desired)
  • Meets the Principal.
  • Buys the Application Form
  • Takes a date for interview and Fitment Analysis.
  • Meets the Facility Manger in case bus facility is required
  • Comes back for the fitment & submitting the filled application form.
  • Gets the result & based on that pays the Fees.
Is it a residential school ?

No. It is a day school.

What are the documents required for registrations ?
  • Birth Certificate
  • 4 passport size photographs of the child, one each of the parent
  • Transfer Certificate (if applicable)
  • Address Proof
  • ID Proof of the parent
Can I meet the principal ?

Yes, after taking prior appointment. Principal will be available between 9.00am to 12.00pm.

How frequently are the PMI's (Parent Mentor Interactions) be held in the school ?

They are held every First Saturday of the month for the mentor to discuss the child's progress in class.

However, if the parent wants to discuss any issues with the teacher personally, it can be done with prior appointment through the school diary.

What are the lab facilities being provided and for which grade onwards ?

A General Science lab is in place for students to cater for the subjects of Social Studies, Science and Mathematics.

A computer lab for ICT is in place for computer science.

How many teachers do we have per class ?

The ratio will be 1:12 for grade I to grade VIII.

For the Pre-Primary to Grade II an Assistant teacher will be in place if the no. exceeds 15 students.

What is the strength in each class ?

The max. Strength will be 30 in each class.

All the class rooms are airy and well-ventilated.